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Spotlight shines on a wooden gavel in front of a shelf of booksMarsha Ternus
, former chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, practices law in Des Moines, Iowa, serving as an arbitrator and special master and providing appellate and litigation consulting. She brings to her practice the insights and judgment she gained in her seventeen years on the court as well as the knowledge and skills she developed in sixteen years as a trial lawyer and thirteen years as an arbitrator.

As an arbitrator, Ms. Ternus has particular experience and expertise in complex commercial disputes, including healthcare matters, concession contracts, ERISA claims, employment disputes, professional negligence claims, and business relationship matters. She also offers consulting services to assist attorneys in any and all phases of an appeal, as well as trial court proceedings, offering discrete task services, including analysis of legal issues, drafting and editing of briefs and other pleadings, and advising on trial and appellate strategy.